Welcome to Caitlyn’s Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! This is for my English course I am taking at Rochester Community and Technical College. Feel free to look around!

Latest from the Blog

Interactive Story

Have you ever played a game that would direct you as you go? I call these “interactive movies.” I call them this because these games are cinematic and could run almost solely on their own. Night in the Woods Night in the Woods follows an anthropomorphic cat named Mae. Mae is 20 years old and … Continue reading Interactive Story

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect was coined by a meteorologist named Edward Lorenz in the 1960’s. Lorenz found that minor alterations to his weather models could make the difference between clear skies and a hurricane. In games, it is represented as different choices the player makes. These decisions can be as small as choosing what cereal you … Continue reading The Butterfly Effect

The Open World

Welcome to my first official project post! I look forward to seeing where this takes me! But, anywho… Oh, the open world! Who doesn’t like exploration, meeting new people and creatures, and fighting enemies all from the comfort of your own home? Open-world games provide players the opportunity to explore different time periods, alternate realities, … Continue reading The Open World

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